I am a Tiger

Did you ever feel like you could be anything, achieve anything? Did you ever feel strong and brave, but then you had to try and convince others that you are? Well Mouse knows exactly how you feel then, because Mouse believes with all his heart that he is in fact a tiger!

Mouse says “I am a tiger.” Raccoon, fox, snake and bird don’t believe him, and they set out to point out all of the reasons why he isn’t. Mouse isn’t perturbed at all by their protests, asserting that not all tigers have stripes, that “tigers can be small, too” and that he does have “GRRRR!”

But what will Mouse say when a real tiger shows up? The other animals are scared, but not Mouse who laughs and points out that the tiger is actually a mouse. There is proof of this after all, with his “tiny, twitchy nose”, his “little hands and feet” and the fact that Mouse believes the tiger actually “had cheese for breakfast.”

Tiger dejectedly agrees that he is a mouse and Mouse is a tiger, while Mouse hilariously confirms what the other animals are based on their appearances. Mouse, however, receives a fright when he sees his reflection in the water and realises his mistake…and you’ll have to read the new I am a Tiger by Karl Newson to enjoy the funny ending!

I loved reading I am a Tiger to my children, they delighted in seeing the story unfold and giggled at the brightly coloured illustrations by Ross Collins that showed Mouse setting out to prove that he is in fact a tiger. More than just a fun story to read together though, I am a Tiger also includes a valuable lesson on having the courage to be who you want to be.

 I am a Tiger will be available from book stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R155 this July. It’s recommended for children aged three to five.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for making us giggle with this mouse who believed he was a tiger.

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