I love you, your button nose

“I love you, your button nose. Your eyes, your ears, your knees, your toes. Just like one and one makes two, you love me and I love you.

As a mom there are moments that I can feel my heart melting. One of those was when Amy sang this song (above) at a special Mother’s Day event at her school last year. There were lots of other kiddies there that day, and lots of other moms too, but it was as if it were just the two of us and she was singing just to me alone. Such a special song, and words that will forever hold a spot in my heart.

Since then it’s a song that has often found it’s way back into my mind and heart again. Sometimes when I think of her it will just pop into my head and I’ll find myself humming it. The words are just so meaningful, and with my little guy now turning into a big boy I find them resonating even more with me.

One of the things I remember so well from when my children were born was their squishy little lips. When they were sleeping their lips would settle into a beautiful pout that I would find hard to resist just giving a quick kiss to. The dimples that my little ones had on their hands is another soft spot for me. Ethan still has these, but I can see them disappearing as he grows and my heart aches for the little boy I am losing.

The soft whispy hair is now growing more and I should probably take him for a trim to give him a proper big boys haircut, and yet I find myself procrastinating. Partly because I don’t want him to be a big boy yet, and partly because I want to see if he grows curls like his sister still has. Those chubby cheeks are still there, not quite as chubby as when he was first born, but still loveably pinchable. And then there’s the dimples….oh boy, mama, you’re going to be in trouble because those dimples are sure to break a few hearts and they’re also sure to make mom say yes to a few more things that she had planned to.


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