My quiet place

Being a mom means your life is noisy, our home is always filled with shouts and giggles, singing, music, and yes crying too. There are noisy toys, noisy books, (very) noisy instruments and even noisy dogs to accompany the noisy children. It’s only after bedtime that a stillness descends upon the house, and everything lets out a relieved sigh, especially me. For as much as I love the hustle and bustle that children bring to my home, it can sometimes seem like an assault on my senses and I need a little bit of quiet time to recover.

Strangely enough I find my quiet time starts with bedtime with my daughter. After reading a story we talk about our days, say our prayers and say our I love yous before she slips away into slumber. As I see her head into dreamland that sigh from within me happens. No matter what challenges that day may have brought to me as a mom, when she slips into slumber I feel both her and I relax. Quiet descends on the house and peace wells up in my soul.

I find myself gazing at her face, soaking up every detail of her being and wondering why I didn’t have more patience, more time for her today. It’s easier to cast my mind back now that the stresses of the day have past. I always find myself settling into her a little bit more and enjoying this time with her, sneaking a few extra moments even after she has fallen asleep. The rush I had felt earlier is gone.  She brings peace to my heart during this time together and it fills my meter to face being a mom again tomorrow. Amy, you are my wild and my quiet place, both, at the same time.  And I know for sure that it’s something only you can achieve with my heart.

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