(Out)date(d) night

The other night hubby and I were treated to a date night out. We don’t often get the chance to spend time out alone together, and so it was a big deal for the two of us. In fact I think the last time we were headed out alone without kids was the night Ethan was born. I vividly recall joking about it as we reversed out of our driveway at 2am in the morning. My waters had broken and granny was called to watch over Amy as she slumbered unaware of the new adventure unfolding in our lives.

Back to present day. We had wanted to see the new Rogue One movie since it had opened, and so I surprised him with the news that granny was coming over to babysit while we escaped to the Star Wars galaxy and indulged in a large popcorn and chocolates. We were excited, and we had the green Yoda bracelets to prove it.

It had been a while since we had seen a movie, but we were familiar with the kiosk ticketing procedure that has now become standard at cinemas. Moving upstairs to grab some snacks though, we were very surprised to see a whole new touch screen system in place to order your food and drinks. We joked about how long it had been since we had actually been to see a movie, in that the entire system had changed and we were feeling more than a little old right now.

So old in fact that we had to ask a (younger) chap next to us how to actually use the touch screen system. This is how my mom must feel when she’s forever struggling to keep up with the latest technology. Date night? More like outdated night!

All’s well that ends well. We collected our snacks, still laughing, and settled in to enjoy an awesome movie. As with most things in life, our education continues.


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