More playtime with Pampers Pants!  

When you’re a little person playtime is very important, not only is it fun to play with blocks and build sandcastles, but it’s extremely important for development too because toddlers learn from playing! In fact, it was Albert Einstein who said, “Play is the highest form of research,” and how right he was.

Interrupting play time for nappy changes already makes our little ones a bit grumpy, but add in just how wriggly they become as they hit the toddler years and now mom or dad can become a bit grumpy too!

Pampers Pants really do make life a little easier, nappy changes are quicker and the kiddies can happily head back to their playtime. Less wriggling and less time on their backs moaning makes happier parents too. If you’re out and about it’s also much easier to just slide the pants right off and quickly pop a new one on. An added bonus is if you’re at the beach Pamper Pants makes nappy changes much less sandy too…just pull the new one on and they can head off to dip their toes into the cool ocean and dig to their heart’s content again!

Pampers Pants feature absorbent micro pearls to help keep your baby’s skin dry, while the breathable material is gentle on their skin and helps to keep them feeling fresh. They are made from a soft-like cotton with a smooth belt that wraps around your baby gently and the all-around fit ensures your baby can still explore and play freely.

If you’d like to stand the chance to win a six month’s supply of Pampers Pants head over to the Pampers website to rate and review them and you could win!

Thanks to Pampers for giving us the opportunity to test Pampers Pants.



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