Start a new family tradition with Elf for Christmas!

We all know about Father Christmas, we know that he flies around the world with his trusty reindeer to slip gifts into children’s awaiting stockings and under their specially decorated trees in exchange for cookies and milk.  You most probably also know that Santa’s elves work hard to make these toys for the jolly red-hatted Santa to giveaway. But do you know about the Elf he sends from the North Pole into your home to report on good behaviour and who confirms to Santa if children are on the naughty or nice list? Well I’m here to bring you up to speed on this current development in the Christmas department, and not a moment to lose with the big day just around the corner now too!

The Elf usually arrives just in time for the start of December, and stays to keep an eye on things until Christmas Eve when he heads back to the North Pole. Important Elf business you understand…need to know basis and all that. Not only does the Elf bring the magic of Christmas to life in your home, but he also helps to promote good behaviour with special Elf report cards, personalised reward charts, stickers and Nice List certificates. But we all know that elves can be a little mischievous too, so be prepared for a little bit of fun as the Elf gets up to shenanigans at night when all the house is asleep!

Elf for Christmas is new to South Africa, having just launched in September this year, and the popular Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit (priced at R495) is now available to start a new tradition and make new memories with your family. You’ll fall in love with the brightly coloured and friendly looking Elf (you can choose either a boy or a girl Elf), and the kit can be shared between two siblings because it includes two letters to Santa and two nice list certificates. You can even order refill kits if you have more children or for the next year’s Christmas.

In addition to the fabulously festive Christmas Elf the kit includes an arrival letter from Santa (can be personalised, and explains why the Elf is here), mini Elf report cards (report cards for good behaviour and two naughty list warning cards), two letter to Santa templates (because what’s cooler than official North Pole correspondence), two nice list certificates (can be personalised with your child’s name and what they achieve). It also includes a Christmas reward chart (can be personalised with your child’s name and tasks) and a sheet of Elf stickers, a fun beware of the Elf sign and Santa please stop here sign, as well as a departure letter from the Elf. There’s even a thank you postcard that can be mailed from the Elf in January to thank your children for looking after the Elf.

Each night the Elf may get up to some mischief, and this is where Mom or Dad get to be really creative. Elf can also be helpful and even suggest kindness activities for the family to do. Luckily you can stay tuned to Elf for Christmas for ideas in the lead up to Christmas. You can register your information to receive personalised emails sent directly to your children from Santa Claus with information that your Elf has submitted.

There are also a few other products available from Elf on Christmas to make this holiday season even more fun. The Elf’s First Adventure (R135) is a Christmas story book that sees Elf setting out on a journey to find a home with a family in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a fun story to tie into the new tradition, and will no doubt prove to be a popular request at story time.

The Advent Letter Set (R265) helps with the countdown to Christmas and features a new letter for every day in the lead up to Christmas. This set includes 24 different letters in numbered envelopes and share the tales of the happenings in Santa’s workshop as told by Elf Pip McJingles.

The North Pole Sticker Set (R245) includes over 750 brightly coloured and Christmas themed stickers, such as candy canes, presents, stars, snowflakes, elves and Santa. There are also four different North Pole background designs on 12 loose background sheets. Kids can just enjoy being creative, or even design the family Christmas cards or placemats for your Christmas meal.

The Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit is a really fun new tradition to start with your family, and I love how the reward kit is aimed at encouraging good behaviour. I can’t wait for the 1st of December to roll around and for our Elf to arrive in our house so we can get started too. I know my two kids are going to love our Elf and I’m looking forward to seeing what mischievous plans he has for us all!

Check out Elf for Christmas for more information and to order your Elf in time for the Christmas countdown too.  An early Christmas present from me to you is that if you order from Elf For Christmas before the 24th of November and use my special code (Forts&Fairies20) on check-out you will get an awesome 20% off your entire order! Please note that the discount is limited to only one use per order and that orders over R500 get free delivery in South Africa.

Happy Elf shopping! Be sure to let me know what your mischievous Elf gets up to this holiday season. Be sure to also enter my competition, I’m giving away a Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit to one lucky reader!






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