New ways to cook with the LG NeoChef Microwave Oven

When I moved out into my first flat I couldn’t afford a microwave and so heating food was a real mission using a good ol’ pot on the stove. So, when I did finally get a microwave it really was an absolute lifesaver when it came to saving time and dirty dishes. But to be honest I never used it for much more than defrosting and reheating, and for the kitchen clock and timer of course.

Now that the LG NeoChef Microwave has entered my life that has all changed. Even though I’m still getting to know all that I can do with this awesome new microwave that LG gave me to test (and judging by just how much it can do I’ll be pushing its boundaries for quite some time to come too), I’m loving discovering the new ways that I can cook and what all I can do in the NeoChef.

In addition to looking super smart with its sleek black reflective finish the NeoChef cooks smart too. We really put it through it’s paces, and I can say with the utmost confidence that this will be an amazing addition to your kitchen and that I’m sure you will love using it as much as we have together as a family. I say this because the NeoChef doesn’t just beep when it’s finished it sings you a little song, and when the family hears that song they come running to do a little dance and start demanding to know if supper is ready. Seriously you will love the way the NeoChef sings to you!

We cooked a roast chicken in the NeoChef, a roast chicken! And it was delicious. It certainly cuts down on time because you don’t have to wait for the oven to heat up, and I’m sure the NeoChef shaved time off the actual cooking too. The best part is that it’s so easy to do…there is actually a setting for roast chicken which you can select, add the weight, and the NeoChef will do the rest. Turn the chicken and drain it halfway through when the NeoChef instructs you too, and then let it rest before serving.

We even cooked roast potatoes and roast vegetables in the NeoChef, and we used the grill feature to toast them up a little before serving which made them really tasty. No par-boiling of the potatoes was necessary, again saving you time with both the cooking and there being less dishes to wash. The best part is that the meal got a thumbs up from the family.

The NeoChef manual is very helpful at showing you exactly what you can do with the microwave. Browsing through I noticed that you could braai lamb chops and I knew I just had to test this feature out. We seasoned our lamb chops with a bit of coarse salt and fresh rosemary, popped them in the NeoChef, turned them once when the microwave sang to us to do so, and they were done. Beautifully cooked through, very tasty, and a much healthier alternative to frying food. There weren’t even any crumbs left on Amy’s plate and she told me “You can make this again Mom, I love this meal.” Helping me win at being a mom? Thanks NeoChef. The grill was also handy to make grilled cheese samis for after school snacks, a favourite of Amy’s. Another mom win.

The NeoChef is very easy to clean, any food spatters from cooking just wipe off. The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean Coating, which helps to eliminate 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria, also helps to keep the oven clean and fresh. It’s also easy to use, the control interface is intuitive and makes selecting your cooking options a breeze. The Smart Inverter technology from LG boosts efficiency, ensuring food is evenly cooked and defrosted, decreasing cooking times while preserving nutrients and locking in flavour. I also liked the energy efficient interior LED lamp, three times brighter than conventional models it made it easier to see my meal cooking.

The LG NeoChef microwave is an appliance that can do more than defrost and cook (although it does do those well too) it can grill and roast, do grill combi cooking and can even soften and melt to make your guests happy with ice cream that’s just ready to serve and delicious to eat on their waffles. There is even the option to cook yoghurt, although I haven’t tested this feature yet, and a keep warm function to keep food at serving temperature (it’s like I finally have a hot tray in the house). All in a day’s work for the NeoChef!

If you’re looking for a new microwave and one that is a jack of all trades, the LG NeoChef Microwave Oven should be at the top of your list. Check out LG’s website for more information on the NeoChef.

Thanks to LG for giving my family and I the opportunity to test the new NeoChef Microwave Oven. 


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