A Home Full of Friends

By now I’m sure that you know that I love books. I’ve been an avid reader since a young age, and it’s been very important to me as a mom to pass this wonderful hobby on to my children. We spend a lot of time reading together, and we have shared some beautiful books over the past few months, but this new A Home Full of Friends is one of my favourites.

The book tells the tale of Bramble Badger who offers his home to a group of animals in need on a stormy night. Poor Bramble soon starts to worry about whether he has enough food, and where everyone will sleep. His concerns aren’t entirely unfounded, a dormouse, a toad and a hedgehog do make unusual houseguests to be sure! Even though Bramble has a few surprises along the way once his guests arrive, he discovers that a home full of friends is well worth the crowded house.

The story is wonderfully written in engaging rhymes that young children will enjoy, and the message that it delivers is an important one too. The beautiful illustrations really bring this tale to life, so warmly colourful and charmingly captivating they really combine to make this one of the most fun reads of the year. The characters are creatively expressive, and the backgrounds so imaginative. I loved the little touches in Bramble’s home, such as his Badger plush toy on his bed, his graduation painting hanging on the wall in his lounge, and even the cute badger slippers he wears.

A Home Full of Friends is a must-have for your bookshelf, a heartwarming story of friendship and fun that you will love to share with your children at bedtime, even if you do have to read it more than once every time.

A Home Full of Friends is available at a recommended retail price of R160 from bookstores and online retailers.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for adding this beautiful book to our shelf.



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