Slow down your slow down

As a fellow mom I’m sure you’ve seen the Slow Down Mummy poem. It still resonates often in my head when my daughter says “look at my picture mom”, or my son says “come snuggle with me mom”. A constant and necessary reminder to take time to enjoy the little things with your children while they are still small.

And yet now as we are faced with a slow down of 21 days, trying to find a new normal and balance the emotions I’m having is a struggle, and if I’m honest I am finding that there may be even less time to slow down.

So as we enter the first full week of lockdown may I remind you to still take the time to slow down. As moms we juggle work, house chores, and the constant demand of children for entertainment, activities, snacks and food. May we still take the time to see the artwork they are holding up for us, may we still take the time to cuddle and to read a story together.

Let’s not overburden ourselves with the thought that since we have more time we should do more. We don’t have to catch up on all the spring cleaning, and we don’t have to be the perfect Pinterest mom. We just have to be the best mom we can be, and know that this will give our children the best memories of this time in their lives.

It may just be the time to slow down your slow down.

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