The Creature Choir

“Warble was a walrus who loved to warble.” She warbled all day and all night, she dreamt of warbling all over the world and even of taking part in The Great Big Animal Talent Show. The only problem was that her warbling was so shocking that it caused the animals to scatter and the ice to shatter.

Poor Warble was quite distraught when the huddle forbade her to warble, and eventually deserted her. But now able to warble again she did so loudly which led more animals who also enjoyed singing (but weren’t quite so good at it) to her. Pretty soon there was The Creature Choir, and no animal was ever turned away.

Despite sounding atrocious and wreaking havoc wherever they went, the choice sang with joyful gusto. The choir finally found themselves at The Great Big Animal Talent Show where Warble was reunited with her huddle and even invited them to join the choir.

The Creature Choir by David Walliams is a fun story about a walrus named Warble. Your children will enjoy the lovely onomatopoeic words and funny illustrations by Tony Ross. There are also plenty of lessons to be learned about friendship, forgiveness, and doing what makes you happy even if you’re not that good at it.

The Creature Choir is available in hardback for a recommended retail price of R235.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing Warble’s story with us.  

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