YOGA for Giraffes

YOGA for Giraffes is a fun new children’s book that will not only make your children giggle but also inspire them to get up and moving to do some of the entertaining yoga poses featured in the book.

Sindile the giraffe stumbles upon a yoga class at a game lodge and is instantly intrigued. After noticing it helps his sore neck he is motivated to hold a class for all the other animals too. He sets out to give each pose a name, all of which will have your children laughing at both the name and the sight of a giraffe doing different yoga poses dressed in his own yoga gear.

Your children will enjoy the rhyming verse and are guaranteed to enjoy trying the different poses included at the back of the book too. If giraffes have enough perseverance to learn yoga so can you!

YOGA for Giraffes, written and illustrated by Carly Tod, is available for a recommended retail price of R95. It’s also available as an e-book right now so make sure you check this lovely local book out today!

Thanks to Penguin Random House for inspiring our children to do these fun yoga poses together with Sindile.

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