The Great Adventure (Book Review)

The Great Adventure is a new children’s picture book from local author and illustrator Samantha van Riet. The story is about three friends who set off on a great adventure and get a little more than they bargained for when their journey does not turn out exactly how they planned.

The Great Adventure

Squirrel, Otter and Mongoose are inspired to take their own trip after seeing their bird neighbours returning from their yearly migration. They excitedly build a boat and pack for their trip, but shortly after setting off the very full boat tips over when a little dragonfly seeks to join them.

Luckily the adventurers are saved by a great pelican, and before long they are flying back to their house. The bird neighbours welcome them back, and the three friends realise that even though they didn’t go far they had a great adventure. They are happy to be home, with many new tales to tell by their fire.

The Great Adventure is a fun story filled with lovely illustrations of different friendly animals that your children will enjoy.

The Great Adventure is available for a recommended retail price of R90.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing this fun story with us.

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