The Lion Guard: Matching Game

The Lion Guard: Matching Game is a fun picture matching card game. The game includes 72 picture tiles with bright and colourful pictures of the characters from the popular Disney Junior show. Players are challenged to find as many matching tiles as they can, with the player with the most matched tiles at the end of the game winning.

The picture tiles are  made from sturdy board and are small enough for even young players to hold and join in the fun. Even though the game is recommended for players aged three and up, my two year old son has loved playing together with us (with some help from me of course). The great thing about matching games is that your child can play them alone or with as many friends as they like. If you’d like to play alone you can use a clock to time how long it takes you to match all  the pairs and try to beat your best time in the next round.

If you are playing with younger players you can choose to play with less than the 72 tiles to make it a little easier. Whenever you start the game just make sure that you have the matching pairs of tiles, place them face down and then mix them up before putting them into rows. On a players turn you will turn over any two tiles to try and find a matching pair, if they don’t match you turn them back over and try to remember which pictures were on those tiles. If they do match you can take them and put them into your scoring pile. The next player can then have their turn. This will continue until all the tiles have been won and you can add up who earned the most matching tiles.

The Lion Guard: Matching Game is a great way to introduce your children to boardgames. Not only will they have fun playing this picture matching game, but they will also be learning and testing their memory as they play. It doesn’t seem like work when you’re playing to match such awesome pictures of Kion and Bungu, Beshte, Fuli and Ono and the other animals who live in the Pride Lands.


Playing this kind of game will promote matching and memory skills, and it will also encourage turn-taking and help to improve concentration. Your children will have to pay close attention to detail, be able to spot similarities and differences, and use their short term memory as they play. Another added bonus is that when you are playing with your children you are not only spending one-on-one quality time together, but you are stimulating your own mind too! The box is quite small, so packing it to take away on holiday or to granny’s house for the afternoon is easy.

The Lion Guard: Matching Game is available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R119.99.

Thanks to Prima Toys for sharing this matching Lion Guard fun with us!  

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