Your first heartbreak

It’s International Dog Day, so make sure you celebrate your furry friend with an extra hug today! Our two Labradors are very loved in our home, always bringing a dash of humour and fun as well as lots of snuggles to our lives. This quote is one of my favourite, “whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog.”

This is something I wrote a little while ago, today seemed like a good day to share it to serve as a reminder that our dogs are only ever lent to us for a short time so we should treasure them while we can.

She asks me, is Becca going to die? I’m not the only one that notices the grey creeping deeper into the face that we both love so much. I find myself wanting to lie to her and believe that our beautiful dog and friend will live forever, but also knowing that I can’t. I say one day she will, but she will be in heaven then.

I realise that her first heartbreak won’t come from not making a sports team, getting the mark she wanted on a test or even from a breakup. It will be much closer. It will be the loss of her very best friend, her dog that was so very happy to meet her on the first day she came home from the hospital and has been with her every step of the way since.

From someone who has loved the cuddles, the scratches, has patiently sat for ribbons in her hair, attended tea parties and chased after balls with delight. Has never questioned why she’s left her and always welcomed her home with a wagging tail and a big kiss.

And I worry. For who will take care of her broken heart when mine is turn has also been broken. Because before she was Amy’s best friend, she was mine. Always and forever by my side. She’s been with me for so long that I can barely imagine life without her. I just know my life will be less bright, for inevitably that light will go out one day and I dread that day with every fibre in my being.

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