I Wonder Who?

Children love to ask questions, it’s a way of learning about the world around them and I’ve found myself fielding questions ranging from why the dinosaurs are extinct to why the moon can be seen during the day.

My kids have always enjoyed finding creatures and critters in the garden, recently we got a magnifying glass and they’ve spent many hours following ants and tracking nunus together. So I was excited to add this new title from Struik Children to our reading time.

I Wonder Who? is a children’s book written by local South African author Kerryn Ponter. It’s a perfect fit for a child’s questioning mind, posing different questions along with picture clues that encourage your little one to guess which animal is being highlighted. Turn the page to check if you guessed correctly and be rewarded with the answer as well as a beautifully coloured picture of the animal.

The animals range from the hardworking dung beetle to busy bees and even the industrious weaver bird. One of the questions reads, “What about these shiny, slimy lines?” and the next page shows you friendly snails making their way across the pages. My three year old daughter enjoyed guessing about the different animals, and it was also a great tool to teach my younger little boy, who is just one, about the different animals in the book. It’s a paperback so I did take care when he was reading it, but it’s a good size for him to hold when sitting on my lap.

I Wonder Who? is a wonderful book that combines three things children love – animals, guessing, and asking questions. It was a fun book to read together with my inquisitive kids and also provided the opportunity to teach them. At just R90 it’s a sound investment, and let’s not forget that local is lekker! An added bonus is that it’s available in both English and Afrikaans.

I Wonder Who? is available at bookstores and online retailers now for a recommended retail price of R90.

Last word from Amy: “I love this book because I like the frogs and the butterflies and the honey bees. I like to read it because I like to guess what’s on the next page. My favourite animals are the frogs.”

Thanks to Penguin Random House for inspiring our kiddies to be curious.


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