Elf for Christmas – Magical Elf Door and Advent Letter Set

Last year we had two surprise visitors arrive at our home…two mischievous elves who stayed with us during the month of December. Amy and Ethan were delighted to meet their new elvish friends and cuddled them to sleep most nights after that. And while they did know the elves reported to Father Christmas on both good and bad behaviour, they were much more excited to see what mischief the elves got up to every night than worry about whether they were going to be on the nice list!

Whether it was stealing Amy’s make-up, hijacking Ethan’s truck, watching TV, riding a dinosaur or eating the kiddies favourite breakfast cereal, both children always raced around the house in the morning looking for what mischief those elves had been up to while they slept. It brought an extra bit of magic to the weeks before Christmas that year, and I can’t wait to see their faces when those same elves arrive back this year.

We did field some awkward questions about how exactly the elves had arrived with us though, but Amy largely answered her own inquisitiveness by saying that Father Christmas must have dropped them off by us with his reindeer. The same questions arose when it was time for the elves to leave, so I was very happy to see the new Magical Elf Door had arrived to help save parents around the world from their children’s curiosity!

The Elf for Christmas Magical Elf Door is a lovely detailed door that is made of high quality resin, it stands 22cm high and is decorated with special stickers. Above the red door a sign says “The Elf Workshop North Pole” while a sign on the right reads “Elves at work” and on the left it reads “Department of Elves. Reindeer Parking Only.” The real magic is that the door lights up to show when a special North Pole pal arrives, but it can also be used as a night light too.

The door is a way for the elves to arrive from the North Pole, and also to return there once their Christmas jobs are complete…it’s said this helps to save the magical flying powder for the reindeers too. It really does make it easier to explain how the elves arrive in your homes, and I can’t wait to surprise my children with it this year. I’m looking forward to seeing if they want to leave notes or treats on the steps for the elves, and wondering how those mischievous elves will reply!

You can put the elf door on a shelf or near your child’s bedroom door. There is a handy piece of double-sided tape to secure the door and the pack includes a battery for the door too. Just make sure you leave room under the door so that you can switch the light on and off easily (secure it on or above the skirting board for instance). There are also extra stickers included that you can use to update the door signs for coming years and a welcome guide by Mrs Claus.

I think the Magical Elf Door is a wonderful way to bring the elves into your home, and I am so excited to share this new Christmas tradition with my children this year. I have every faith it will deliver what it promises, to promote imagination, creativity and joy…and what more could you ask for your child.

Be sure to read my review of the Christmas Elf & Magical Reward Kit to find out more about this set. It includes a brightly coloured and friendly looking Elf as well as special Elf report cards, personalised reward charts, stickers and Nice List certificates to help promote good behaviour. There are also a few other products to make this holiday season even more fun, make sure you check out The Elf’s First Adventure Christmas story book and The North Pole Sticker Set.

The one you won’t want to miss this year is the second edition of the original Advent Letters. This awesome 2018 edition includes a new letter for the first 24 days of December (each presented in a little numbered envelope) from your Elf pen pal Pip McJingles. Each day in the countdown to Christmas last year a new note would arrive with our elves, and we loved reading the notes together with our children and discovering what magic and mayhem was happening at Santa’s workshop.

Check out Elf for Christmas for more information and to order your elf in time for the Christmas countdown too.  An early Christmas present from me to you is that if you order from Elf For Christmas before the 11th of November and use my special code (FAF01) on check-out you will get an awesome 15% off your entire order!

Happy elf shopping! Be sure to let me know what your mischievous elf gets up to this holiday season.

The Magical Elf Door is available for R439.98 and the Advent Letter Set for R259.98 from Elf for Christmas.

Thanks to Elf for Christmas for spreading the magical cheer of Christmas with us!

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