Pop-up Peekaboo

A friend of mine bought Amy a Pop-up Peekaboo book for her first birthday. It was our first one from publisher DK’s series, and from the moment I first read it to her I was in love! It didn’t take me long to add more to our collection, because not only did I enjoy reading these fun books together with her, but she adored them too.

The Pop-up Peekaboo range includes a number of titles with different themes, from numbers to first words to Christmas there is something for everyone to choose. You will be spoilt for choice if you visit your local book store with six new titles released this year! The new books include Baby Dinosaur, I Love You and Under the Sea with a new Pumpkin book released just this month.

These are board books so both the pages and the lift-the-flaps are sturdy for little hands, but you will have to be careful with the actual pop-up pictures which are more delicate and could be torn if left alone with a small reader. With that being said, however, I always kept these particular books for story time together with Amy, stored them on a top bookshelf out of reach, and taught her to be gentle when we were reading, and we have never had a problem with them.

As the name suggests the book features lots of pop-up peekaboo fun. The left page will feature a fun illustration with some text to accompany it, while the right page will ask a question of the reader. You’ll then be able to lift-the-flap and enjoy the scene that pop-ups from behind the flap. The illustrations are always bright and colourful, and together with the rhyming verse it focuses on the particular theme of that book.

For me there’s something magical about the 3D pop-up picture, it gives the opportunity to bring the story to life for young children and I never tire of watching their eyes light up as the hidden pictures pop-up. The Pop-Up Peekaboo books were a favourite of Amy’s for years, and so I was delighted when Ethan loved them too. To me it’s always special to share something that was loved by my first child with my second.

With Amy I have fond memories of reading these books to her before naptime, hearing her giggle as the animals popped-up from behind the flap and marvelling at how she would remember who was hiding behind that flap the next day. With Ethan my memories will be different, although no less special. While the three of us do read these books together, more often I will find Amy reading them to Ethan. It’s fascinating to see her remember the story even after all these years and then even challenge Ethan to guess who’s hiding and about to pop-up!

We have spent some time with First Words and Numbers, also two new books in this Pop-up Peekaboo range. I love how brightly coloured both of the titles are, and that each book teaches valuable information. In Numbers a baby bee is searching for her family and explores the garden trying to find them. Along they way she meets wiggly worms, noisy birds and smiley snails before she finds her family in the hive, with both the illustrations and the text helping children learn to count to ten.

In First Words children will learn about important first words including objects like clothes, toys and vehicles as well as animals like a bird, dog and cat. Your child will want to read these Pop-Up Peekaboo books over and over again, to enjoy the colourful pictures, listen to the rhyming verse and discover who’s waiting to pop-up and peekaboo. More importantly though, they will be learning as they have fun reading together with you, creating special memories of time spent reading that you will both one day cherish.

Pop-Up Peekaboo Numbers and Pop-Up Peekaboo First Words are both available from book stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R115 each.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing more of the Pop-Up Peekaboo love with us!

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