A Walk Through the Woods

When I was little I used to love exploring outdoors, I remember having a nature journal where I kept a note of all the bugs I had seen while out and about. I’m so happy that my children also love to adventure outside, and that I can still enjoy this hobby together with them while at the same time nurturing this trait.  I really do feel that it’s important to teach our children about the beauty of nature, because from that a natural love of nature will grow as well as a kindness towards nature.

A Walk Through the Woods is an incredible new book that lets the reader follow the journey of a little girl as she walks through the woods. It’s written by Louise Greig and illustrated by Helen Musselwhite.  Not only is this one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, but it’s accompanied by such a lovely story that I can honestly say I felt like I was reading poetry to my children.

We were all enchanted with the book, the hardback cover features a sturdy cut-out hole giving you a glimpse into the woods. But it’s only when you open the first page that you will discover the beautifully crafted paper-cut scenes which are both intricate and striking. As you turn each page you will journey deeper through the wood, as the wood reveals its secrets to you: the flowers, leaves, trees and animals.

The story is mesmerising and will see you meeting an assortment of forest animals in delightful poetic verse. I love that as you read the beautiful illustrations bring the book to life. Each page turned lets you explore more as you walk through the woods, the cut-outs crafting a stunning new picture as you read further but also a new picture as you look back. The vibrantly coloured animals and foliage are all delicately portrayed with 2D paper-cut like qualities, and I adored how the sapling grew into a tree with rings that you can trace round and round.

“The forest is calling with a woodwind song. The branches wave a friendly, green greeting.” Will you take A Walk Through the Woods? I hope you will because a beautiful journey of discovery awaits your children.

A Walk Through the Woods is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R240. The book is recommended for children aged six to nine, but we have delighted reading it together while taking care to be gentle with the delicate pages. It would make a beautiful addition to your own child’s book shelf and a wonderful gift for a friend’s child to treasure too.

Thanks to Penguin Random House for sharing this very beautiful woodwing song with us.

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