Baby expo: level expert

I remember very vividly the first baby expo hubby and I went to. I was almost 7 months pregnant so I was already waddling with swollen ankles and a bladder that demanded a lot of attention. But it was an exciting time and we wandered around checking out the different products on offer. As anyone who has had a baby can tell you, you really just don’t know how much stuff you need for a baby until you have one!

We achieved a lot that day, but to say that we were mildly overwhelmed and totally out of our depth would be an understatement of note. We didn’t even know what brand of wet wipes to buy, let alone nappies, bottles, and more important decisions like the pram and car seat. In the end we went with what we thought was best, and came home with a car filled with goodies for the baby. Our stuff gathering adventure had begun!

The next year hubby was away and so I went to the expo with Amy this time. By this stage she was about 10 months old, and I thought that I had learnt a lot in those months. It turned out that the months were short and it was easier traversing a busy baby expo with the bun in the oven rather than grabbing for everything within reach. At the end of the day we did score a few good deals, but my arms took a good few days to recover from carrying a growing baby in my arms while pushing a pram overflowing with various goodies.

Roll on year three. By now I had begun to consider myself something of an expert of baby expos. The first year I was definitely a beginner, the second year possibly a novice, but this year I had progressed into the next level for sure. For starters this year I knew to score the free entry tickets, I also looked up the specials for the expo beforehand, and I even took a pencil drawing of my daughters foot for shoe sizing….most importantly I outsourced Amy to granny for the afternoon and went hands-free. Lessons learned.

This year it’s back to the beginning it seems, as I will again be visiting the expo with a toddler in tow. Wish me luck, and see you at the show! 

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