Life is happening

Every minute of each day, life is happening. It sometimes seems to tick over slowly, like a lazy Sunday afternoon snooze, and other times it passes too quickly, like the first weeks of a newborn’s time settling into his new family. Even when we sleep, life is happening all around us.

Tears may come, arguments arise, sadness wells up. Smiles stretch onto faces, happiness bursts from a heart, hugs make it seem brighter. And still life happens.

Sometimes we have to slow down and embrace that life. Take your kid for that milkshake you keep on talking about, book that holiday you’ve been dreaming of, read an extra book to your little girl at bedtime, go on the much needed date night with your husband…leave the worries and responsibilities behind, even if only for a short while, and just live a little. You’ll be so glad you did.

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