Wiggle woes

Now that the evenings are getting cooler, I was reminded of these wiggle woes that I wrote about last year.

Having just had the same discussion with a few other moms I now know I’m not the only one to suffer from the woes of nightime wigglers. You know of course to whom I refer, the kiddies who wiggle and wiggle until their duvets and blankets are off. During the summer months this is no problem at all, but the past few winter months have seen my little girl waking every now and again because she’s got cold after wiggling out of her warm cocoon.

I’ve tried it all: sleep sack, socks, vests, teddy with warm beanbag inside to snuggle, mittens. They all work for a short time, and then the wiggler adapts and you’re onto the next step in the evolution of trying to conquer said wiggler.

I enjoyed the first few months when my little boy didn’t wiggle, well because he couldn’t yet. But now he too has joined the wiggling club. In addition to wiggling out of his blankets he also enjoys giving me frights at midnight feedings when his icy hands graze my warm body. Yikes!

Lucky for me I have a sleep sack from when Amy was a baby and he will shortly find himself tucked up warm inside that. Unlucky for him it’s covered in pink and grey polka dots! I’m sure he’ll get me back for the ‘unmanly’ colours soon enough when he adapts to this new ‘anti-wiggle, keep you warm’ initiative and I will be left in the cold wondering what to do with these wigglers next.

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  • Reply Ursula Van Lelyveld March 28, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Sleep sacks were the BEST thing I discovered for babies and toddlers

    • Reply Lisa Trollip March 28, 2017 at 12:16 pm

      They really do work well, don’t they? No little toes can wiggle out and get cold!

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