BYOD: Bring your own dad?

My husband and I have been to many children’s birthday parties over the years, and because it was for either our nephews and nieces or close friends kiddies we had always gone together. When our own little girl arrived in the world this tradition continued as we joined our families and friends in celebrating, and then it was our turn as our little girl turned one. We didn’t even consider that both sets of parents for our friends children would come, it had been that way for so many years already that it was commonplace now.

Although our little girl isn’t at school yet, each week we do a Moms and Tots class together. We were excited to receive our first birthday party from the class group, and the three of us (husband, child and I) readied ourselves for the party. We arrived at the party and all of a sudden as we were walking up the driveway it dawned on me, was I supposed to bring my husband along too? Was he even invited?

Luckily there were a few other dads at the party, but I nervously wondered if they fell into the ‘close friends’ category where the whole family was invited. Going forward I think all invites should read BYOD – Bring Your Own Dad – if dads are welcome too, that way I can be more prepared and not have to usher him quietly away from the eats table.

Two years later and I still don’t know what the correct social etiquette is…anyone with advice?


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