Jams that aren’t sticky and tongues that don’t lick

The English language is a funny thing, and you may only realise just how funny it is when you start to teach your little one. Even though it was a while ago now, I remember the day we were stuck in traffic and I asked Amy if she knew that it was called a traffic jam. She looked at me with a slightly confused look on her face as I explained to her it wasn’t like the jam you spread on your toast.

A similar situation arose when I was putting her shoes on a little while later and I told her that part of her shoe was actually called a tongue, but not like the tongue in her mouth.  This discussion led to another quizzical look!

Just this past week we were enjoying a new book together and I asked her if she could spot the mussels on the page. She flexed her arms to show me her muscles, and I couldn’t help but to laugh as I again marvelled at the intricacies of English. The next day we were sharing a pizza out when she asked me what the extra chilli brought to the table was. I found myself trying to explain how it was hot, but not like the sun hot, although it would also burn you like the sun if you ate it. Very confusing to little minds I’m sure you’ll agree!

Then there was that time that we learnt about the bridge of her nose and another day found me in a heated debate about why a computer mouse doesn’t squeak and definitely doesn’t need to eat cheese.

With feet that smell and noses that run, teaching English to your kids is lots of fun!



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