NIVEA Sun Children’s Pocket Size Sun Lotion Review

The NIVEA SUN Children’s Pocket Size sun lotion is an absolute must for your nappy bag. Even if your kids are a little older it’s just as easy to pop into your handbag and make sure that no matter where you are you’re well prepared to keep them safe from the sun.

Being pocket size it’s small enough to keep one in your bag, and so convenient to have on hand should you have forgotten to put sun lotion on your kids before you left the house. Sometimes we don’t plan to be outside and then the weather will clear up or plans will change, and voila I always have sun lotion in my bag now to apply quickly to the kids (not to mention to me and hubby too!) and then let them have some fun in the sun with no worries.

The lotion goes on nicely, is absorbed well after a few rubs, and doesn’t leave any white residue on the skin. It’s also non-greasy and being 50+ and extra water resistant it really does offer your kids very good protection.  It smells nice and isn’t sticky.

Reasonably priced at R49.99 for the 50ml sun lotion, it’s also possible to have more than one in your different pockets. In fact this pocket size sun lotion is my new favourite, and I’ve got one in my nappy bag, one in Amy’s school bag, and one in my pram. That way no matter what happens my kids can always play outside after a quick application and have fun while a happy mom watches.

Bottom line: This Pocket Size sun lotion from NIVEA is perfect to fit in your pocket, and priced right it’s easy on your pocket too. It definitely gets my mom’s stamp of approval!

Additional information: The NIVEA Sun children’s products are suitable for one year or older, and it’s also recommended that you first test the sunscreen on a small area of your kiddies skin to check for any skin reactions. I’ve used their sun care products for a while now, and we have never had any adverse reactions to their products.

Last word from Amy: “It smells fresh and nice, and it keeps you safe from Mr sun. I like the twisty lid because I can open it. I like the sun and the kids playing with the ball in the water. I like the ABC letters.”(for the word ‘Kids’ on the packaging)

Thanks to NIVEA for the opportunity to review this product, and for reminding us to get our toes sandy and have fun in the sun safely.

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