Johnson’s Gentle Protect range reviewed

We got the opportunity to test out the hand wash, wipes and bath wash from the Johnson’s Gentle Protect range. All three products have the wonderful smell that comes from the combination of honey, rooibos, and green tea extract, all ingredients known for their natural anti-bacterial properties. They are also hypo-allergenic, soap free, and mild enough for your toddler to use every day.

Clean hands, happy memories

The hand wash is my favourite, it has such a distinctive smell that I can immediately know if my little girl has indeed washed her hands. In fact this has been the only hand wash we’ve used where we have had to limit her hand wash time, she just wants to wash her hands so often that I am surprised they are not squeaking by now! Despite her really enjoying using it as often as she could the hand wash lasted well, and as a mom it left me feeling confident that her hands were really clean after busy fingers had been playing in the sandpit or climbing on the jungle gym.

The bath wash was also enjoyed, bringing that now familiar smell of this Gentle Protect range to our bath time fun. With us still using the Johnson’s top-to-toe baby wash on her little brother, she enjoyed having her own wash to make soapy fun with. The entire range includes the trusted ‘No More Tears’ formula so you can relax knowing all those flying soap suds won’t cause any eyes to sting, and it’s great to wash hair with too. It lathers well and leaves a lovely, delicate smell on kiddies after their bath.

The wipes are a small pack with just 25 inside, but being compact (about 10cm) it’s very handy to pop into your bag for when you’re out and about. Although it features a peel-back cover that you can close again, I found it sealed well after each use and kept the wipes moist inside. Also because it’s just 25 wipes they didn’t dry out at all because I used them quicker than I would a big pack of wipes. The wipes are very moist, and worked well to clean up grubby fingers and to wipe away milkshake mustaches. I also used them when I changed nappies and they worked just as well with this task too. Being a part of the Gentle Protect range they also include the honey and rooibos and green tea extracts so do have quite a strong smell. I didn’t mind this smell with my kiddies now being a bit older, but I would stick to the traditional Johnson’s Gentle All Over baby wipes if you have a newborn baby.

The Johnson’s Gentle Protect range is definitely worth adding to your shopping list. The products work well, have a great smell, and with the soft blue, and yellow finish are attractive too. All three products have become quite popular in my house, so I will definitely be making them a regular in my trolley, this is the cleanest Amy’s hands have ever been!

The bath wash is available in 300ml for R39.95 and in 500ml for R59.95. The hand wash is 300ml and will cost you R29.95, while the wipes are R18.95. There is also a soap bar available in this range, the smaller soap is R10.95 and the bigger one R15.95.

Last word from Amy: When discussing the bath wash she said “it’s soapy and it smells like rainbow colours.” You just can’t make this kind of analysis up! She thinks the hand wash “smells fresh and is soft to wash your hands with,” and that the wipes are “nice to keep her hands clean with.”

Thanks to Johnson’s for the review products, and for allowing the sweet aroma of this Gentle Protect range to intoxicate us ever so slightly. 

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