Back to school made easy with My TOWER Labels

As a mom you’ll know how frustrating it is when your child comes home from ballet missing one shoe, or when that new jersey you bought mysteriously vanishes into the depths of lost property at school. It’s much easier to make sure your child’s clothing is clearly marked ahead of time to save you the time of searching and the energy of trying to track it down. This way if any caps or shirts do go missing your child’s teacher at school will be able to easily pop it back into your child’s bag and you as the parent will avoid the stress of the aforementioned hunt.

The new school year is a great time to turn over a new leaf and make sure that you do label your child’s property. The new My TOWER Labels are a great choice to help you achieve this goal, they will help ensure that no matter what adventures your child gets up to at school their property will always return home with them.

The My TOWER Labels are available in packs of labels that identify your child’s school items and help to protect their valuables. There are four different packs available so that each stage of your child’s school career is covered. There is the standard pack, preschool pack, mini pack and iron-on pack. The labels are high quality, dishwasher safe, and with door-to-door courier service and delivery within a week for South African customers this is one to-do item that’s easy to tick off your list now!

The preschool packs are available for R150 and include a variety of labels such as a bag tag, book labels, birthday labels, wrap around labels, mini labels, stationary labels and iron-on labels. It’s great to have such a variety because no matter what you need to send to school it can be sent with a personalised label to identify it as your childs. Having the birthday labels ready to pop onto any birthday present is a lifesaver during the busy school term, and it also saves a lot of money in the long run. I love the variety in this pack, there’s something for everything you may need to label for school…books, scissors, pens and clothes. It’s a great starter pack if your child is starting school next year and you’re wondering what you may need to label.

The standard pack includes all of the above as well as shoe labels and is available for R225. The mini pack costs R180 and includes a bag tag, shoe labels, book labels, wrap-around labels, iron-on labels and stationery labels. The mini pack includes a bag tag, shoe labels, book labels, wrap-around labels, iron-on labels and stationery labels and is available for R125. The iron-on labels pack includes either 50 labels (for R90) or 100 labels (for R150) so you will be able to label all of your children’s clothing to your heart’s content. There is a flatrate fee of R55 per order to have your parcel delivered by a courier service straight to you.

You can order your My TOWER Labels online at It’s simple to place your order too, just fill in your details (child’s name and school) and preview your labels, then purchase your custom label pack online and voila you’ll receive your pack within a week! The great news is that you can get a 10% discount off your order by using the discount code fortsandfairies at checkout. Happy shopping!

Thanks to the TOWER team for sharing their fabulous new My TOWER Labels preschool packs with us.

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