Legacy (Book Review)

Legacy is the new novel from Nora Roberts. The story follows the life of Adrian Rizzo – you’ll meet her as a young child, on the first day she met her father, which just so happened to also be the day he tried to kill her.  But something you’ll learn very early on about the Rizzo family is that they choose to not let one moment define them. In fact, Adrian’s mother Lina has built a successful fitness brand from what some may have believed to be her biggest misfortune, and she’s worked hard ever since then to stay on top.


Lina’s business prowess and career choice inspire Adrian, who follows in her mother’s footsteps to start her own side of the business. But not everyone is happy with Adrian’s success, and it’s not long before she starts to receive death threats. One in particular stands out, a menacing poem that arrives annually. For years she shrugs the threat off as jealousy, but when the poems begin to arrive more frequently it becomes clear that someone has a very personal vendetta against her.

Family is important to Adrian, and she chooses to surround herself with her family and the friends she makes along the way who become like family. It’s here where the book shines, I loved getting to know the characters in this story and discovering the different dynamics in the family and within her friendships. I felt their joy, their fears and their sadness in a real way.

Legacy was a change of pace for me, and one which I enjoyed. This book has it all – family, friendships, romance and even a murder mystery to keep things interesting.

Legacy is available for a recommended retail price of R310.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with me.

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