Choose Gratitude Journal (Book Review)

Raising my children to be thankful for all the blessings we have in our life has always been important to me. So I was excited to receive this Choose Gratitude Journal from the Hinkler Books Mindful Me range. Not only does this fantastic journal give your child the opportunity to complete fun and mindful activities, but it also promises to be a wonderful keepsake to remind them of this stage in their life.

Choose Gratitude Journal

Amy was immediately captivated by the beautiful bright colours featured in the journal, and we have had fun filling in the prompts together to create a snapshot of who she is, what makes the seven year old Amy happy, and what she is grateful for now including chapters related to her, her family, friends, school and the world. She loves drawing so she’s also enjoyed being creative and personalising the journal with her doodles and decorations.

There are lots of empowering messages in the 96 page journal, and I love that we can share these and work to build her self-esteem as she grows. The prompts can be thought-provoking, from filling in Jars Full of Thanks to remember the little things that you’re grateful for to completing the Top 10 Thanks to celebrate your top thank yous. But they can also be fun, from inspiring random acts of kindness to drawing your friends.

When the world seems to have turned upside down and we’ve had a challenging period in our lives with lockdown, the Mindful Me Choose Gratitude Journal is a wonderful way for us to encourage our children to focus on the positives and inspire them to be thankful and appreciate the good things in their life.

The Mindful Me Choose Gratitude Journal is available for a recommended retail price of R149. It’s recommended for children aged six to twelve years.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sharing this wonderful journal with us. 

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