Barbie You Can Be (Book Review)

If there’s one thing I’d like to think I’ve done as a mom it’s to know my children believe they can do anything they set their mind to and be whoever they choose to be. Encouraging my children to try different activities, engage in diverse role-play and read books that promote this message is essential to me. So we couldn’t wait to dive into the new Barbie You Can Be books to inspire us further and continue embracing the important belief that you can be anything!

Barbie You Can Be

My children have enjoyed playing dress-up from a young age and it’s always been an absolute delight to see their imaginations light up when pretending to be a doctor or a chef. I’m sure most of us have sat down for a tea party with our children and sampled the delicious cake and tea enthusiastically prepared for us, been berated for not taking a big enough nibble of the plastic cupcake or scolded for pretending to sip the tea too soon because it’s still too hot for that! And how can we forget the poor little brother or patient dog who is suddenly sick and urgently needs an X-ray to be taken by the very qualified doctor wielding a plastic stethoscope and thermometer!

Barbie You Can Be

After reading the Barbie You Can Be a ballerina book my daughter promptly ran and gathered all of her ballerina goodies, got dressed and begged us to find a video online of a ballet class she could follow. Before long this progressed into her being a chef, later a doctor and finally a discussion of why we should go snow hunting this year so she can ice skate. Books that spark children’s imaginations to play while at the same time building their confidence are such a valuable tool to use in our quest to raise self-confident little people who aspire to be all that they can be and, most importantly, who believe in themselves.

Barbie You Can Be

Barbie You Can Be a chef, You Can Be an Ice Skater, You Can Be a doctor and You Can Be a ballerina are fun, short stories but ones that are also filled with information on what you could expect in that particular profession and also important lessons on hard work and determination.

The Barbie You Can Be books are also available in Afrikaans, giving first language Afrikaans children the chance to enjoy reading them and also providing the opportunity for other first language children to practise reading in Afrikaans.  Look out for the Barbie Dalk Word Ek books on shelves soon.

Younger readers will also love to read the My Book of Bunnies and My Book of Ponies. These two stories are filled with cute bunnies and puppies, and are sure to grab the attention of even the little ones with colourful illustrations and short, simple sentences. They are also available in Afrikaans as My boek oor ponies and My boek oor hasies, perfect for little animal lovers to learn more about these furry friends!

The Barbie You Can Be and Barbie Dalk Word Ek books will be available for a recommended retail price of R40 each from Toys R Us and Takealot from May. These small hardback books are perfect for star chart rewards or to pop into a birthday present for your child’s friend.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the views and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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    Hi, awesome giveaway. Love to win for my grandchildren. They love Barbie and love to dress like her. Love to win for them ❤️

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