Codename Piesang

Have you ever used codenames in your house? Or spelled the word out so your child can’t figure out what you’re talking about? Maybe spoken a different language to outwit them?

In our house we already have all of the above in operation, even though this all happened months before I thought it would. Toddlers are cunning like that, acquiring new skills almost seemingly overnight and making sure you’re always on your toes.

I didn’t think I would have a problem with my child being infatuated with fruit, well one fruit in particular…bananas. Neither did I think that I would have to limit the amount of intake of said bananas. I suppose there are worse problems to have in child-rearing.

After a few days of constant begging for bananas we resorted to spelling it’s name, but sometimes that felt a little too much like being Gwen Stefani (B-A-N-A-N-A, you’re singing that tune now aren’t you?), so we then started to use the Afrikaans word for it, Piesang.

Sadly for us the banana phase still hasn’t passed, but already I’m thinking ahead to when this kid learns how to spell or speak that other language. Then it will be back to the drawing board, or time to learn a new language!

I wrote this when Amy was 21 months old, back in August 2015 (that feels like a lifetime ago!). Life has once again come full circle with Ethan now being obsessed with eating bananas too. 


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