Don’t let them dull your sparkle

Christmas this year with my two kiddies was magical. Ethan’s first Christmas last year he was way too small to understand any of what was going on, but this year he was so excited by the Christmas decorations and absolutely loved opening his presents on Christmas morning. Amy was just old enough to finally really enjoy all of the amazing lead-up to the big day. We kicked off our Christmas Elf tradition, and that really added a fun new element to our festivities (more on this and meeting Santa another day).

Another thing that Amy loved was learning and singing Christmas carols. She learned a few fun tunes from school which she taught Ethan and I, but we also learned more traditional Christmas carols from our lovely Christmas CD from Pan Macmillan. During the weeks before Christmas I would often hear her singing quietly to herself or more loudly for all of us. Even when we were out at the shops she could often be heard belting out Christmas tunes from the shopping aisles. A number of times we had people following us and I’m sure it was so that they could listen to her beautiful singing.

Ethan picked up a few tunes too. It really made my heart warm to hear the two of them humming carols or singing them together even. It usually sounded like this….Amy: Father Christmas, Father Christmas, he got stuck (Ethan: stuck). Amy: Climbing down the chimney, climbing down the chimney, what bad luck (Ethan: luck). And yes, Amy does also celebrate the real reason for the season, so I loved that ‘Away in a Manger’ was one of her favourite songs. I felt like she was being a little missionary in her own right, spreading joy and love.

Christmas has passed for this year, the tree is packed away and the presents have all been opened, but her Christmas cheer is still here! She’s still belting out the Christmas tunes and carols, and I have to admit I still love it. I love that she loves to sing, I love that she’s a happy girl. I once read that a child who sings is a happy child. And I’m happy to know that my little girl is happy, because boy does she sing!

The other day she was singing yet another carol when a friend told her Christmas is over, you can’t sing carols anymore. She asked me about it that evening, and I saw her spark was shining a little dimmer. I told her you can sing whatever you want, whenever you want. Christmas carols spread cheer, and I sure do love to hear my little girl singing with all her happy heart and spreading a little cheer, even though Christmas is over for now. Just think of it as practising for this year!

Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle girl, keep on shining your light bright.

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