Follow your nose with The Detective Dog

While Julia Donaldson is well known for her popular book The Gruffalo, I’ve discovered her other titles to be even more entertaining to read with my little ones. This has led to our collection of her children’s tales on our book shelf growing as we have discovered What The Ladybird Heard, learnt about A Squash and a Squeeze, and giggled at Sharing a Shell.

The Detective Dog is another great title from the author, and is beautifully illustrated by Sara Ogilvie. It’s a fun story about Detective Dog Nell who loves to use her trusty nose to solve mysteries and track down her owner Peter’s lost items. Nell also enjoys spending time at the school where the children read to her…until one day the books go missing. Detective Dog Nell sets out to track them down, leading readers on a marvellous journey through town as she follows clues to track down the culprit before ultimately finding a clever solution to the problem.

It’s a wonderful story filled with rhyming verses and colourful pictures. My little girl loved the story, but also enjoyed looking at the pictures which are both detailed and fun, and also do a marvellous job of telling the story for the younger ones who can’t read yet. It’s a good length and makes a captivating bedtime story, and parents won’t mind reading it again and again. I also think that it will be a solid choice for her once she can read for herself.

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging story complete with beautiful artwork look no further than The Detective Dog. Julia Donaldson has a tried and tested formula and this book is no different with well-thought out rhymes, a dash of humour, a bit of a lesson, and lots of possibilities to learn from spending some time curled up with a new book.

The Detective Dog is available at a recommended retail price of R155 from South African online retailers and bookstores.

Last word from Amy: “I like all the pictures, because they are so beautiful. I love the story, because the dog is racing to get the books back and I like stories with animals in. I love animals.”

Thanks to Pan Macmillan SA for stirring up our investigative nose and inspiring us to visit our library again soon!


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