Fisher-Price Pull Along Alligator

One of the first Fisher-Price toys that I bought for my daughter Amy was the Chatter Telephone, and she loved every minute she spent with this classic pull along toy. The new Fisher-Price Pull Along Alligator is every bit as captivating as the phone was for Amy, but this alligator has a few more tricks up his sleeve it seems.

He may be an alligator, but he is extremely cute. When you pull him along he wags his tail ever so slightly, he also has a big toothy grin and even pink rosy cheeks. He was named Alan very early on, after the character in the cool alligator book we are busy reading. Since he arrived in our home last week he has gone everywhere with us. Lucky for us, he’s a friendly alligator and he seems to be quite well house trained too.

I love wooden toys, and while parts of Alan are painted a lovely green colour (his head and tail) the rest of his body has been left the traditional brown wooden colour which looks great. His body is divided, enabling his head to move and his tail to swing when he’s pulled along on his four wheels by the green string.

It’s a traditional and sturdy toy that will bring hours of fun to your child, but more than that the pull toy has great benefits too. Pulling helps to develop and refine the motor skills of a toddler. Little ones are taught about cause and effect with pull toys and playing with them will also help to develop their coordination and problem-solving skills, and it will also spark their imagination.

This Fisher-Price Pull Along Alligator is every bit as good quality as you would expect from the well-known brand, making it a great choice to add to your child’s toy collection or to gift it to a friend’s little one. It’s available for R399.99 from toy stores and online retailers.

Last word from Amy: “I really love to play with him. Ethan loves to pull him with the lead. I love the crocodile and the paint on the wood. He’s so nice because he has a waggy tail.”

Thanks to Mattel for showing us how much love for one little alligator a boy can have!

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