Flip Wars

Flip Wars is a fun puzzle action game for the Nintendo Switch that will see you competing to flip panels over and outwit your opponents. Things can get heated, things can get tense, and often things will come down to the last second, as you battle to dominate the board with your coloured panels!

The aim of the game is to flip over panels on a board, you must have the most panels in your colour flipped when the timer runs out to win the round. There are various power-ups that can help you, one makes you invincible while another increases your flip range, and another makes your run faster. It’s crazy, fun, and a bit manic to dash around the board flipping colours while chasing power-ups and keeping an eye on the clock too. Add in another three friends competing against you and you are guaranteed to have a flipping fun time!

Flip Wars has three game modes that you can enjoy. Panel Battle sees you racing to flip as many panels as you can, the player who has the most panels in their colour at the end of the round wins. Knock Out sees you trying to flip the panels under your opponent’s feet, the player with the most knock outs at the end of the round wins. In Life Battle you must knock out your opponent until they run out of lives, the player with the most lives and panels of their colour will win.

The modes enable you to choose a time limit for the round, you can select anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You can also change the number of lives a player can have to tailor your game experience. If you’re playing against the AI you can select from three different difficulty levels so you can keep on challenging yourself. But the real challenge lies with trying to keep your husband’s skill level below yours so you can win!

There are three areas to challenge you, each with four stages to choose from. They will require different strategies to overcome them, with some having electric shocks and beam cannons, while others have panel-flipping buttons and powerful waves.

Flip Wars is a fun multiplayer game that will definitely bring out your competitive streak. You’re also bound to be saying ‘just one more level’ even though it’s past your bedtime. Priced at just R130 and available from the Nintendo eShop, Flips Wars for the Switch comes recommended from this gaming mom.

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