Forgive me (Book Review)

Forgive me is an engaging new story about family and forgiveness by Susan Lewis.

Claudia Winters is starting her new life in a small coastal town of Northern England, together with her teenage daughter she has fled from an abusive marriage. The little family unit, which now includes Claudia’s mother, hope to leave the past behind them as they make new friends. But will Claudia ever be able to stop looking over her shoulder and not live in fear?

Forgive me

We meet Archie Colbrook who is in prison and a part of the restorative justice programme with one of Claudia’s new friends Dan.  It is Dan’s belief that putting victims of crimes together with offenders will help them come to a resolution and enable both parties to move on. Archie has committed a terrible crime and he’s writing letters to the person who he has caused irreparable harm to. He’s not looking for forgiveness, because sometimes sorry just isn’t enough.

The book strikes a delicate balance between the thrill of a new romance and the desperate fear of having recently escaped from an abusive relationship with a vengeful man. Throughout the book there is an ominous foretelling of what may happen, it’s delivered in bite sized chunks to keep you guessing and keep you wanting more. After that one fateful night the lives of Archie and Claudia’s family are forever entwined – but what will it take to move on from this act of violence, is the power of forgiveness enough to heal some wounds and start afresh to find a happy life?

Forgive me is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R315.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with me.

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