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Get crafty with Hinkler Books this Christmas! (Gift Guide)

We love the Hinkler Books products, there really is something for every child! From puzzles to magic ink, from colouring kits to baking fun erasers, there are lots of different activities to explore and have fun with. If you have a child who loves unicorns or dinosaurs there are a number of different products with these themes that you could choose to spoil your little ones with.

Here’s my top picks of the latest products from Hinkler Books. I hope you will love them as much as we do and that if you have a child who also loves to be creative and have fun with art that one or two of our favourite Hinkler Books products will find their way onto your own children’s Christmas wishlist too. They will also make a great way to keep little hands busy during the upcoming school holidays, the perfect choice for screen free play time.

Get Crafty with Hinkler Books this Christmas

Inkredibles: Unicorns and Friends Activity Book Lap-Desk (R259.90)

We all know how children must be entertained on a car trip to avoid the parents being asked ‘are we there yet?’ over and over! This Unicorns and Friends Activity Book Lap-Desk is a great choice to keep your little ones busy while travelling. It comes with a handy lap-desk for your child to press on, perfect for the car but also convenient to use when you’re away or just for at home too. The lap-desk is easy to store behind your car seat when not in use and it has a handle for carrying.  The kit features an activity pad, two sticker sheets as well as six coloured markers, an all in one kit for fun on the go! The large activity pad includes fun unicorn themed colouring pages and activities. There are dot-to-dots, spot the differences, search and finds as well as incredible hidden patterns and designs that are only revealed by the special markers in this kit. Also keep an eye out for the Roarsome Dinosaurs Activity Book Lap-Desk.

Kaleidoscope Colouring Kit: Unicorn Rainbows (R129.90)

We absolutely love the Kaleidoscope Colouring Kits, my children have spent many happy hours colouring beautiful pictures from these kits. Unicorn Rainbows features over 30 magical pictures of unicorns. Use the five bright markers included with the kit to bring the unicorns to life, and then add a bit of sparkle with the silver glitter glue tube. There are plenty of other kits to explore too, including Colouring Kawaii, Colouring Unicorns, Narwhals and more, Colouring Purrmaids, Octodogs and more, and Colouring Mermaids and more. Perfect for trips away as the kit includes the pictures and pens, and it can even be used while travelling because it’s easy to press on (just use a scrap piece of paper in between pages to prevent the colours leaking onto the next picture). It’s also great for rainy days or any day really that your child feels like being a little creative!

100 piece children’s sparkly jigsaw: Fairy Garden (R99.90)

I love this range of puzzles, there are so many awesome themes to choose from including this beautiful sparkly fairy puzzle. This 100 piece puzzle, which features holographic foil to make the fairy wings shimmer, will be perfect to keep children busy during the holidays. But more than just being fun to build, puzzles develop skills in a child such as problem solving, perseverance, patience and even finger strength. The puzzle pieces are large and thick so even young puzzlers can grip them easily. Also look out for the other puzzles in this range including a fuzzy horse, sparkly unicorn, scaly dinosaur, neon reef, and glittery mermaids!

Magic Reveal: Roarsome Dinosaurs (R59.90) 

Your children will delight in the Inkredible activities in this dinosaur Magic Ink colouring and activity set. It comes with an awesome Magic Ink pen which brings the colours to life on the pages, guaranteeing roarsome fun. There are puzzles, mazes, games and colouring in to enjoy, but without any mess because the Magic Ink only works on the colour-reveal pages of the book. Dinosaur fans will enjoy traveling back in time to have fun together with Tommy T-Rex, Stacey Stegosaurus and Rodney Raptor.  The colouring and activity kit is small enough to pop into your bag so it’s perfect if you’re planning a trip away or just to keep little hands busy for an outing. There are a variety available including Unicorns and friends and even a Kawaii book.

Crystal Creations: Magical Unicorn (R159.90)

This crystal art kit promises to keep you enchanted until you have finished your beautiful canvas. Described as a fun mix of paint by numbers, cross-stitch and mosaics this new craft trend is simple but rewarding. You’ll place hundreds of sparkling crystals one by one onto a colour coded adhesive canvas, and when it’s done it’s perfect to frame or display in your room with the built-in stand. This play-based kids craft includes a peel-back cover and no fold lines on the canvas as well as a stylus with 2 sided 3D gems. Once you’re addicted you can also look out for the whale and elephant in this range.

Puzzle: Book and jigsaw Map of the World (R169)

We had such fun building this puzzle together as a family. There is so much opportunity to learn about the world as you build. This 150 piece puzzle features a detailed map of the world, highlighting the countries names as well as the animals you’d find there, world wonders and geographic features. The set also includes a 24 page book which discusses the world’s sites, animals and other cultural and natural wonders.  There are even stickers which can be used to bring the book to life.  A fun way to teach children about our amazing planet.

Kaleidoscope Colouring: Mermaid Squishy Kit (R149.90)

Amy could not wait to open this kit and decorate the mermaid squishy! The kit includes a colouring book filled with 16 fun illustrations of mermaids, seahorses, whales and octopuses as well as the scented mermaid squishy toy which can be decorated using the six bright markers. Children who love mermaids will delight in the fun this kit offers which encourages children to embrace their creativity. Great for trips away as it has everything you need for some arty fun, but also perfect for an afternoon crafting session.

Zap Too Cute Erasers (R199) 

This kit has everything you need to create fun Kawaii erasers. Children will be able to sculpt and shape the eraser clay into cute characters using the specialised clay tools, add personalised expressions and then bake it in the oven. There are easy to follow step-by-step instructions in the included book along with hints and tips for making 12 adorable erasers, including a burger, radish, doughnut and even an ice cream cat. Your child will have everything they need to make five fun mini-food character erasers (including Kawaii eyes and glitter) and even fold-up play boxes to store and display them. A great activity for children who love to create, with the wonderful reward of cute erasers once they make and bake!

Spot anything you think your children will love? Let me know which is your favourite!

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sponsoring this guide. 

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