We were all eager to open the Hairdorables, and I’m happy to say that, from unboxing them to discovering all the secrets hidden inside to playing with the doll, the Hairdorables get a thumbs up!

Opening the box really is part of the fun, as you tear the perforated strip down the front to open it the box will fold out to reveal a compartment on both the left and right side.  The left side is divided into four smaller units, each one housing a secret for the doll. Open the cardboard tab on each unit, slide the little plastic drawer out and peel the cover back to reveal the secret inside. Here you’ll find the Hairdorables shoes, comb, accessories and various stickers. Open the right side’s compartment to discover which doll you have along with a collector’s sheet.

Both of my children had such fun opening the Hairdorables, excitedly working their way through to find the 11 secrets hidden inside the compartments. I love that you can keep the packaging and use it as the doll’s cupboard to store her accessories, and also to pose her to take awesome pictures against the cool backdrop that the packaging offers.

The Hairdorables dolls themselves are adorable. There are 36 to collect, with the different dolls being divided into different themes according to that doll’s style and talent. We were lucky enough to unwrap two Harmony dolls, both rock stars who looked comfortable on a big stage with their guitar and keyboard. It’s easy to slip their shoes and accessories on, and these really do help to give the dolls lots of personality.

The dolls are super cute, they really do inspire imaginative play and we have already had various rock concerts being performed. They live up to their name of being Hairdorables, with soft locks that can be combed and styled. I love how bright and colourful the dolls and their hairstyles are, this combined with the fun unboxing and how the packaging is put to such good use means I would recommend these to be great presents. The only question that remains is, are you ready to find your style?

The Hairdorables are available from toy stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R399.99.

Thanks to Just Fun Toys for sharing the Hairdorables with us.

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