Johnson’s Baby Protective Cornstarch Powder

Johnson’s Baby recently released a new Protective Cornstarch Powder, it’s lightly fragranced with a touch of aloe extract.

I love the Cornstarch Powder, as a mom I’ve learned a few tips and tricks on what you can use this powder for. With summer in full swing now my kids have been sweating in the Durban humidity. I’ve found that if you sprinkle them with some of this Cornstarch Powder it helps to cool them down a little. Sometimes I will do that after a bath to absorb any moisture left over after drying them, this helps to prevent nappy rash and skin irritations by keeping their skin dry. Sometimes if they wake at night and are sweating I will also quickly sprinkle some over their tummies, arms and legs and I find it settles them nicely. When Amy was little I called this her “sleepy dust” and it worked a charm.

Another handy use for Cornstarch Powder is that it effectively removes sand off little toes and fingers. So, whether they’re just playing in their sandpit outside at home or they are building castles at the beach, simply dust some of the Cornstarch Powder on them and the sand will come right off. It’s like a miracle mom cure for pesky sand in your house and car, so don’t forget to pop one in your beach bag next time you hit the waves and give it a go.

This Johnson’s Baby Protective Cornstarch Powder is made with 100% pure Cornstarch and is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. It has a light fragrance of aloe vera, smelling it on my children’s skin takes me back to the early days of when they were just little babies…it has that clean, fresh new baby kind of memory to it.

It’s available at a recommended retail price of R39.95.

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