Kicking it old school style

My mom came to visit me the other day, and Amy and I went outside to say goodbye to her. I was helping her pack a few goodies onto her car’s back seat when Amy asked me ‘What’s that?’ She was pointing at something with a very quizzical look on her face.

I followed her finger to see that she was staring at the window winder on my mom’s car. I burst out laughing at this child of mine, who had only known the luxury of electric window’s in this modern age of convenience. I explained what the window winder did, and demonstrated it to her. Of course she had to try it out for herself, although by the look on her face she still thought the whole concept very odd.

Come to think of it, how did moms cope before the electric window lock on cars, or child lock on the doors for that matter? Food for thought indeed.

A few days later I was in a queue at a local supermarket and happened to spot a toy that sported the same winding mechanism as the window winder. You had to turn a handle and that would cause the fan to spin. Quite an old school take on a toy, with most I’ve seen just having a button that the kid must push to activate the fan. I couldn’t resist buying it to see if Amy would know how to operate it given her new winding window knowledge.

I’m happy to report that her time spent kicking it old school style with Granny’s car added to her education. She happily wound the handle around and kept her ‘cool.’

Fast forward a few months to a family holiday away, where the traditional ‘turn’ taps also confused my little lady who was accustomed to taps that you push up and down…I guess the education continues.


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