Kiss the Crocodile

Kiss the Crocodile is a new children’s book that will have you giggling as you turn the pages and discover a new game being played by three best friends in the jungle.

Monkey, Tortoise and Anteater are playing silly games in the jungle, but after a time they grow bored of Stick Splash, Scary Monsters, and Silly Dancing. Until that is they stumble upon Little Crocodile and his mum. Naturally afraid the three decide to keep back, but the crocodiles challenge them to play a game called Kiss the Crocodile.

Here’s how the game goes. Little Crocodile lies asleep, and you mustn’t wake him up, but you have to be brave enough to Kiss the Crocodile. Hilarity ensues as the animals muster up the courage to Kiss the Crocodile, with a full page sideways spread requiring you to rotate the book showing each animal leaning in for the kiss…“Mwah”, “Smooch!” Your children will laugh as the animals pucker up to Kiss the Crocodile, but what will happen if the number one rule of the game is broken…and the crocodile wakes up?

Kiss the Crocodile is a fun new story to share together with your children, with lessons to be learnt along the way about being brave, trying new things and making friends. With the wonderful onomatopoeic words included by author Sean Taylor and the brightly coloured illustrations by illustrator Ben Mantle, Kiss the Crocodile is sure to be a delight at storytime!

I love this short introduction video to the book, it’s guaranteed to make your children laugh:

Kiss the Crocodile is available from book stores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R165. It’s recommended for children aged three to seven years of age.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sharing this fun story with us.

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