Love is…being someone’s favourite food

Do you remember that early baby phase, the one where your new baby only had eyes for you? Anyone or anything could come into their sight and they would still continue to stare only at you. You were literally their whole world, and they loved you with every fiber of their being. You were their person.

I adored this time, knowing that I was so absolutely loved filled my heart to overflowing and I will forever remember those days. With my firstborn, my daughter, this phase did eventually pass. But with my second born, my son, it did not.

He loves me like no other ever has, his love is balanced between being equally fierce but at the same time gentle. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this boy will forever love me with every piece of his heart, even when that boy turns into a man one day.

His heart loves so completely, so wholly, that sometimes his love can feel a little suffocating. He loves to snuggle, to stroke my hair, and he sure loves to give kisses too! Yet whenever I do feel slightly overwhelmed at the constant closeness he must always maintain I simply try to draw him in closer because I’ve always believed this would eventually come to an end.

The other night I asked him what his favourite food was. He said “spaghetti, sausages, and mama.” I laughed before replying “I can’t be your favourite food!” But then later I thought to myself that’s love, being someone’s favourite food.

And so every night as he goes to bed I say to him “I love you more”, and he repeats that, to which I reply “I love you most”.  Apparently he loves me to the satellites and to the stars, because he believes that’s further than the moon, and “I love you to the moon and back” simply isn’t enough for him anymore!

I hope that I will always be his favourite food, because I kind of love that now.

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