MamaMagic: save pennies and have some fun

The MamaMagic show is in Durban this weekend, and earlier today I popped down to check out what it has to offer this year. You’ll remember from my previous article that I’ve attended the show before as a pregnant woman, a first time mom, a mom to a toddler, and now as a second time mom – and it was interesting to see both how the show has changed over the years and how my interests as a mom have changed.

Pampers had done a wonderful job with a fully equipped nappy changing area. The breastfeeding area, although private and available, was lacking in colour – perhaps a sponsor next year might ensure this area is more attractive to all those hard-working moms with little ones. The Huggies Experts Lounge had a line-up of interesting talks and attendees walked away with a nifty goodie bag too. The soft play area here was also great for the kids.

The one area where the show really had improved was the children’s area sponsored by LEGO Duplo. The large area was kitted out with various LEGO Duplo sets that the kids were really enjoying experimenting with. There was also a small bike track that was very nicely themed for kids to enjoy courtesy of Nestle Nido.

The Baby City stand didn’t disappoint with a wide variety of products on offer, many on special, as well as promoters from a number of brands to offer advice. If you’re pregnant or have a small baby there is loads to look at, think about, and lots to save on too. Even parents of toddlers will enjoy the promotions running.

If you’re thinking of heading down to the expo this weekend, try get there early to avoid the crowds. It’s also always quieter on the show floor during the Barney show times. And if you are going to the Barney show with your little one…good luck, you’re braver than me!

As for myself I walked away with quite a few spoils for the kids, the standard boxes of nappies, and lots of ideas that you’ll read about here soon.

MamaMagic Durban 2016

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  • Reply Wayne Trollip August 29, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    MamaMagic is a pretty cool show that does well to improve each year. It was my 3rd run at the Durban event this year and I’m happy to report for the dad’s there is sufficient food and beverage onsite so make sure you tag along. There was a really cool LEGO play area for the kids, and you to supervise their play at and a race track with a nice chicane 🙂

    • Reply Lisa Trollip August 31, 2016 at 8:26 pm

      Always good to have you there to stand in line at the Baby City stand….;)

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