Never Tell a Lie (Book Review)

Never Tell a Lie is the new book from local author Gail Schimmel.  It’s a well-crafted story about friendship, love and family wrapped up in the lies we tell, some to protect us and others to cover up.

Never Tell a Lie

You’ll meet Mary Wilson, a single mom raising her teenage son after escaping from a turbulent marriage. She still carries the emotional scars of her ex-husband and those of growing up without a mother, but she has managed to find happiness with her dad and son in her new life.

But her world comes crashing down when she discovers a hidden postcard, pointing to the fact that nothing is as it seems. Rattled about the secret uncovered, she throws herself into a new friendship made at her high school reunion.

As times passes, however, Mary is forced to confront her fears about her new friend April’s marriage. She becomes more drawn into the situation as questions unfold – how well does she really know April and is she telling the truth?

Never Tell a Lie kept me guessing right up until the end, every time I thought I had it figured out I was left wondering if I actually had it right or if something else was about to be revealed. A great story about the secrets we keep and the price of forgiveness.

Trigger warning: domestic violence.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

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