Our Fathers

Everything is not always as it seems. Or perhaps it was just swept under the rug and ignored? But, whichever it may be, it hasn’t been forgotten by one person, who has returned and whose very presence brings the past crashing back into the future.

Thomas has returned to the small island of Litta, lost and with no where else to turn he has come back to the home of his uncle Malcolm. His past threatens to swallow him as he wrestles with what happened to his family and struggles to come to terms with the ghosts that have been following him since he was eight.

It was when he was eight that his father killed his mother, his brother and his sister in their house before turning the gun on himself. On this day his father murdered his own family but left Thomas alive, alive but having to carry this burden with him for the rest of his life.

Our Fathers by Rebecca Wait is a gripping tale of sorrow and pain, a terrifying insight into how our parents and our upbringing can shape us into the people we become. And as we discover more about that tragic night and delve into its far-reaching consequences into the future, we are left wondering if we can ever outrun the ghosts of our past or escape from the inevitability of our future.

I read this book in one sitting, I found myself captivated by the story and needing to find out more about the characters and what drove them to become who they were. With warnings about control in a relationship, whether that be quiet or more violent, Our Fathers will leave you feeling unsettled but also marveling at the complexities of relationships and how we can rise above.

Our Fathers is available for a recommended retail price of R325 from book stores and online retailers.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for the advanced review copy.

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