Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog, How Are You?

Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog, How Are You? is a board book by Jo Lodge in the aptly named “Wiggle and Giggle” series. Toddlers will enjoy this fun and engaging book, which will appeal to them immediately with the cute puppy peeking through the cut-out front cover.

Each page features a different animal along with a short rhyming verse and a tab which you can slide. The book focuses on feelings, and when you use the tab it adds another dimension to the book by making that feeling interactive. For example, the puppy is happy because he has a bone to chew, and sliding the tab downwards and then up again makes his tongue loll out.  The giraffe, meanwhile, is sad because the leaves are out of his reach, and sliding the tab makes him cry.

The pages are all brightly coloured, as are the animals, making it appealing to little ones. I found my toddler enjoyed the bold pictures and couldn’t wait to slide the tab on each page, again and again! Even though the book only features four animals, it’s a good length for reading time with small children and will hold their attention well. It also has the potential to teach kiddies about different animals, colours, and feelings.

Last word from Amy: “I like to push this down and then his tongue comes out.  He has doggie ears and he pants.” She says, “I cant get the leaves down, they are so high” and then she pretends to cry as she slides the tab and makes him sad. “It’s fun because the lion roars and eats you up with his sharp teeth.”

Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog, Where Are You? is available at a recommended retail price of R155 from South African online retailers and book stores.

Thanks to Pan Macmillan SA for inspiring us to head into the bush and find the giraffes.

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