Oi Puppies!

Our beloved friends’ Frog, Dog and Cat are back, but this time around they are dealing with something that’s never happened to them before…animals who won’t listen to them as to what they should sit on. That’s because Dog is looking after puppies, lots and lots of puppies, puppies who don’t know the meaning of sit just yet!

Oi Puppies! is the new adventure in the hilariously funny Oi Frog! series, and your children (and you) are guaranteed to find yourself laughing as Cat has a puppy hanging from his whiskers and Frog has a puppy chewing on his swimming trunks.

The puppies are cute of course, in fact they are downright adorable, but can Frog take command and teach the badly trained puppies to sit even though “puppies are far too busy being puppies to sit.” I mean we all know that puppies are supposed to sit on guppies, right?

Frog makes a call, in rolls the Oi Animal Seating Supply Co., and soon the puppies are actually sitting! “Buster’s on a duster, Jock’s on a clock, and Tiddle is on a fiddle.” Your children will delight in seeing what all the puppies are sitting on. But as usual there’s a twist to the story, as Cat wonders what tadpoles sit on, and where kittens sit if they are allergic to mittens. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens next!

Oi Puppies! is now available in hardback.

Thanks to my hubby Wayne for getting me this amazing signed copy of the new book while he was in London, complete with exclusive signed print. Not all heroes wear capes, mine wears glasses and Old Khaki and goes by the name of Wayne or Dad, depending on who needs him most next.

Find out more about the Oi Frog! series in my feature review and my review of Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!

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