Robert Ludlum’s: The Treadstone Resurrection

The opening chapter sets the blistering pace for this new series set in the Jason Bourne Universe. There is no amnesia impacting Adam Hayes’ recollection of how his time operating for Treadstone nearly destroyed him. He’s out of the agency and building what life he can for himself when his past pulls him back in. While working as a carpenter on a housing restoration job, he repels a surprise visit from a professional hit team sent to take him out. So begins the chase to unravel who is after him and why, all the while he has to stay on the move to stay alive.

Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood has all the adrenaline and espionage to keep you hooked from cover to cover. Treadstone knows how to recruit the best of the best and Adam Hayes does not disappoint. He has an uncompromising moral compass, which would seem at odds with a clandestine operator, yet it works. If you threaten him then consider your ticket punched as he has the experience, intelligence and determination to overcome what most of us would consider overwhelming odds.

It was my pleasure to meet Adam Hayes and whilst I’m sure he’s a fine carpenter, his skills righting wrongdoing are in far greater demand.

Robert Ludlum’s: The Treadstone Resurrection is available from bookstores and online retailers for a recommended retail price of R295.

Thanks to Jonathan Ball Publishers for sharing this book with us.

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