Seeking: spill proof cup. Requirement: must be spill proof

I was muddling my way through finding a spill proof drinking cup when Amy was a toddler, now I find myself doing this all over again for my little boy! 

Above is the advert I’m tempted to place in the classifieds of the local newspaper, surely I can’t be the only mom who is facing this problem? Let’s band together and blow this cover-up wide open!

I’m talking about spill proof drinking cups of course. When shopping for a new drinking cup for my toddler I was faced with aisles and aisles filled with rows and rows of different drinking cups, all of them were promising to be 100% spill-proof.

Now either my daughter is incredibly adept at making these cups spill, or they are not as ‘truly non-spill’ as they promise to be.

I went through a similar period in her newborn phase, you know the one where you buy different brands of bottles in the desperate hope that she will latch onto the one’s teat. I was hopelessly wrong in assuming this confusing stage of shopping for bottles was over, just now that it’s drinking cups I’m shopping for instead of milk bottles. The end result? A container filled with bottles and drinking cups, but still only one step closer to finding a spill proof one!

Each different brand has various options: cups with straws, cups with spouts, cups with handles, some with belt clips (which toddler is going to successfully manage to clip his or her drinking cup onto their belt?), some with lids, some without. Truth be told, it seems to be more often that I dread the choice offered in our technology-driven world than I praise it these days.

And yet, even with all of this technology at our fingertips, mankind has yet to invent a ‘truly non-spill- drinking cup for kids. Let me remind you that it was this same mankind that actually sent a man to the moon, and yet still no 100% spill proof cups for our kids?

So it is that I find myself peering at other children’s drinking cup choices, making mental notes of their efficiency, and having in-depth conversations with mothers about what works for them.

After spending a small fortune on different drinking cups, I finally found a nice one that didn’t leak (too much)…only to discover that it could only be used for cold drinks! So back to the drawing board to find one that I can use for hot drinks now too.

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