Motherhood: what a journey we’re on!

Motherhood is for the most part an isolated journey. It can be a lonely path to walk, even though you will almost never be alone. There will always be a little person demanding something, whether that’s your attention, a nappy change or yet another snack. Sometimes you will feel like you’re drowning in the constant demands on you. And you will never go to the bathroom alone again, a shower will feel like a luxury, while a trip to the grocery store without your child will feel like a treat. There will always be someone touching you, whether that’s a baby feeding, a toddler balancing on your knee or a little girl climbing into your lap.

My little girl arrived into this world early and spent some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My introduction to motherhood was swift and harsh, and I remember those days and nights spent wobbling to the NICU after an emergency C-section to change and feed her, the first of the rest of my life of putting this new little person’s needs before my own. I felt totally alone, overwhelmed by a sudden thrust into this new role when my tiny baby was completely reliant on me for everything. My little boy also chose to arrive early, and even though I had just gone through another emergency C-section I checked out of the hospital early because my daughter was struggling being apart from me and I couldn’t bear to watch her suffer like that without her mom. Three years in and still putting her needs before my own. Welcome to the world of motherhood!

Throughout my journey into motherhood both times I have had my husband by my side, supporting me and helping me. I know I could not have gone through what I did and come out on the other side without him. And my heart breaks for those new moms who do have to face this very challenging time alone, with no support.

You are not alone mom, when you’re rocking your baby to sleep again at two in the morning or getting up for another feed at four, we have all been there and we understand. When you’re so tired you don’t know how you will get out of bed, but you do because your little person needs you, we salute you for your strength and we understand.

You don’t have to be alone, there are moms all around this country who know what you are going through. We understand, and we see you. Most importantly we are here to support you. So this Mother’s Day think about spending some of your special day with a new mom, whether that’s visiting a hospital near you and being a shoulder to cry on, or taking that special nurse who held your hand during a hard time a small bunch of flowers to say thank you.

This coming Mother’s Day there will be new babies born across our country, there will be new women about to take on a new, and very important role, and some of them may be feeling overwhelmed and very alone. What if we chose to share our Mother’s Day with these women, to make sure these new moms know they are not alone, to give a hug, offer some encouraging words, or simply sit by their side.

This is where the amazing Mother’s Day Connect campaign comes in, a campaign from Cape Town Embrace that is encouraging us moms to join together in making another woman’s arrival into motherhood a little less daunting. You can join the movement if you’re in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban by giving one hour of your day on Mother’s Day to visit a new mom. Visit Mother’s Day Connect on Facebook to find out more details, and if it speaks to your heart please get involved.

Stand together moms. Together we can do so much. Visit a new mom this Mother’s Day, you have no idea the impact you will have on her, to make her smile when her world has just been changed forever and she may just be feeling very alone.


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  • Reply Ann Morrison May 15, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Thank you, Lisa, for an inspiring writing, I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Reply Lisa Trollip May 15, 2017 at 5:39 pm

      Thanks Ann, I’m happy you enjoyed my article 🙂

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