Spooky Haunted House Kit

If you’re looking for something fun to do together with your children this Halloween, then look no further than the Spooky Haunted House Kit for Halloween from Annie’s Baking Club by Tessa’s Bakery. The kit includes everything you’ll need to build a very tasty chocolate biscuit house, along with a great selection of sweet and sour candies to decorate it with. We spent our morning laughing and licking delicious icing (and stealing tasty sweeties) as we built ours, and we were all so thrilled with how it turned out!

This was our first time building a house together, and the kids had an absolute blast helping to mix the icing, place the walls, and then icing and placing the decorations. I loved how Amy’s creativity shone through as she gave ideas of where to place the sweets and what we could do with the décor elements we had. It left her feeling proud of the house, and even more desperate to eat it!

The kit makes one house and includes pre-baked chocolate biscuit panels, royal icing premix, purple and orange gel colours, a cake board, assorted candy and fondant décor and piping bags…everything you need! Despite not being experienced with piping icing I think we did a good job building the house, and it was easy to mix the different colours to add a splash of vibrancy. Adding the candy was the kiddies’ favourite part, and they really enjoyed the spooky element brought by the beautiful fondant ghosts, pumpkins and witch’s hat.

Not only did we love how our Haunted House turned out, but we also loved how it tasted! The chocolate biscuit was delicious, as was the selection of candy and fondant décor. Most importantly though, we all had such fun creating this together and it filled our memory banks. I honestly can’t wait to spend more time in the kitchen creating special memories and having fun with my children.

The Spooky Haunted House Kit is available from Tessa’s Bakery and is also available to order online for R350.  It is packaged so beautifully and would make a great gift for your children or for friends or family.  While you’re looking around at Annie’s Baking Club be sure to check out the other beautiful baking kits available too!

Thanks to Annie’s Baking Club for sharing this awesome kit with us, we had lots of spooky fun! 

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